• Absolute Gothic Masterpiece

    Christopher Russell

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    Absolute Gothic, part of a productive period of writing and experimentation with book design known as “chapbooks” that Christopher distributed, often freely and randomly. These Zine books contained no identifying marks, no name, email, copyright – no way to find the author or identify the writing. They ranged from color covers filled with black text on newsprint to coated papers with full color illustrations. As stated by Christopher, “I tried to engage the notion of the found moment in photography. Instead of taking a picture, something that would provide sensation to myself and to a small audience, I was leaving offerings that I thought might have a similar impact on the random stranger who finds the book.”
    2005, edition of 200 handmade copies, 22 pages, 21 illus. - 10.25 X 8.5

    condition: good

Absolute Gothic Masterpiece

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